Monday, June 22, 2020

10 Things We Love to Order at Mozie's

In a setting of casual rustic elegance where the all-sports TV's and air conditioning are always on, Mozie's features a full bar and an all-day menu of favorite American classics.

With fresh, bright flavors, the Fish Tacos are a meal that will fill you up without slowing you down!

The Anticuchos prove that 3 simple components, when assembled thoughtfully, can be absolutely delicious.

This is a super classic, deliciously familiar dish but don't mistake that for basic flavor. It's anything but basic!

It's a fresh, delicious dish that surpasses the meager reputation of a typical turkey sandwich.

A hidden gem, this sandwich is purely craveable! There's fried chicken sandwiches and then there's the Panko Sandwich at Mozie's.

Don't overlook this local favorite the seemingly simple dish is layered with flavors that are just meant to be.

From the slow-simmered sauce to the handmade meatballs, the Meatball Sub is a deliciously hearty sandwich you'll never see coming!

Simple and straight forward sliders like you've never had them before. Served 3 to an order although you'll wish you had room for more!

Nothing satisfies like a juicy, flame-kissed cheeseburger…and this is the king of them all.

Are you an onion ring connoisseur? You're gonna love these rings! Don't care for onion rings at all? You're gonna love these rings! (Really.)

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