Monday, March 26, 2012

Mozie's March Madness

For most, a trip down to Bourbon Street and some Hurricane’s at Pat O’s on a Monday night just isn’t in the cards. While you may not be able to be in Nola to celebrate the big dance, there is a pretty promising alternative right here in Gruene. On Monday, April 2nd, stop by Mozie's for an ice-cold beer and some off menu additions like the Texas T-bone while you watch the much-anticipated National Championship game.

So who is your pick? Is your bracket still in the game?

Here’s a little info on each of the remaining matchups, just in case you haven’t don’t your research…

University of Kansas vs. University of Louisville – For as long as most can remember, there has been an extreme rivalry between these two Kentucky schools. The University of Kentucky Wildcats will advance to the Final Four for the second consecutive season, and the 15th in the school’s history. Thus far, they’ve outscored each of their four playoff components by at least ten points, most recently beating Baylor with an 82-70 win. While UK has an outstanding basketball record, their record against the University of Louisville Cardinals is not as impressive. Louisville and UK played each other in the NCAA’s in 1959, and U of L won. After that, UK denied scheduling a game with Louisville for the next 24 years. Since 1971, the University of Louisville Cardinals has won two National Championships and been in eight final fours. The Cardinals beat their most recent opponent, Florida, in a 72-68 win Saturday night. When the two rivals played last, Kentucky was able to outscore Louisville with a score of 69-62 – can they do it again? Join us Saturday night to watch these two Kentucky rivalries shoot it out!

Ohio State vs. Kansas – With Kansas’ first Final Four appearance since winning the 2008 National Championship, they have a lot on the line this year. Although the two teams seldom see each other on the court, it is the second time this season after a Kansas Jayhawks 78-67 victory on December 10th in Kansas. In the past match up, however, they were missing key player Jared Sullinger. At that point, Kansas was No. 13 and Ohio State was No.2. After Ohio’s most recent victory over Syracuse on Saturday, they are gearing up for the matchup with a strong and full team. This is definitely set to be one of the most exciting games this year. We’ll see you at 8:45 Saturday to see who will prevail!

Let the games begin!!

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