Monday, August 19, 2013

Every Man's Fantasy...Football and more!

Summer is coming to an end. And although that means the end of tubing season, Friday Afternoon Club, Two Ton Tuesdays and all other summer fun, it does bring about a few good things - - cooler weather for one, and FOOTBALL!

And with football season (which starts September 8th) comes the Second Annual Mozie's Weekly Stu - a barely-legal gambling initiative we like to sponsor to celebrate the best time of the year.

Not only is Mozie's already the best place to catch the game (premium wells, 8 flat screen TVs, greasy sliders and Shiner Bock onion rings), but with the addition of the Weekly Stu, you can also add light-hearted gambling and potential prizes to that list of every man's dream.
Here's the scoop: Each Thursday at 8:40am, KNBT 92.1 FM's star sports pickers Stu and Brandt select their winners for the week's schedule and announce their picks on air. Then, sometime before Saturday at 1:00am, you come in to Mozie's, pick up a ballot and circle your picks for the following week while you enjoy an ice cold beer at the bar. On Tuesday morning, we will tally up Brandt and Stu's winning percentage, and place all of the winning (same or higher winning percentage than Brandt and Stu) customer ballots in a box. Then, we pick a winner of a $50 Mozie's gift card. It's as easy as that - pick the winners and you'll be entered to win $50 to Mozie's!

And not only can you fill out your ballot, but we'll have all the games on so you can come root in your team with us - - just make sure to check the weekly sports schedule on our website! So grab your lucky rabbit's foot and come join us for a drink when NFL season rolls around on September 8th - - you won't regret it!

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