Friday, November 1, 2019

12 Simple German Phrases for Wurstfest

    Wurstfest in New Braunfels started 58 years ago and continues to be an iconic celebration of German food, drink, music, and culture. Here in Gruene, we are proud of our German roots and love being so close to the festival happenings. If you are heading to Wurstfest, here are some easy German phrases to try out when you get there!

Explore the food and drink!

Ich habe Hunger!
(I am hungry!)

Möchtest du eine Wurst?
(Would you like a sausage?)

Ich habe Durst! 
(I am thirsty!)

Möchtest du ein Bier?
(Would you like a beer?)

Wo kann ich Essen kaufen?
(Where can I buy food?)

Ready to join in on the fun?

Ich liebe die Musik!
(I love the music!)

Willst du Tanzen 
(Want to dance?)

Gehen wir! 
(Let's go!)

Hast du eine gute Zeit?
(Are you having a good time?)


Time to go home?

Wo ist der Wurst Wagen? 
(Where is the Wurst Wagen?)

(Bye!) This is a casual goodbye for when you are among friends, and at Wurstfest that's exactly where you are! 

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