Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Float on Friends!

Tube, CHECK. New bathing suit/trunks, CHECK. Sunscreen, CHECK. All your buddies, DOUBLE CHECK! Cooler packed with beer and other drinks, CHECK! WAIT… WHAT?!

That’s right folks – you CAN do as you have always done on the Guadalupe River above the bridge in Gruene! Bring the beer, bring your buddies, bring on the fun and good times!

We know there are some new rules for floating the rivers this year within New Braunfels city limits, and we will get into that in a bit – BUT for now – let’s focus on what you CAN do on the Guadalupe above the bridge in Gruene – not what you CAN'T. 

See, this girl is having a blast! With a Plastic CUP!
There are NO NEW RULES on the stretch of river just above the bridge in Gruene. So float on friends – be safe, keep the river clean and drink responsibly! 

Click here to read all about it!

Map of where to go for NO NEW RULES!
Are you planning on floating on the Comal and Guad within the city limits this summer with your friends and family? We sure are! But before we jump in our tube and hit the river there are a few NEW rules this summer for this particular stretch of the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers.
We went right to the source for all things river related in NB to get the scoop – . Here you will find an informative video featuring Baseball Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan! Check it out.

Now that Nolan Ryan has invited you, your family, friends and even pets to come enjoy New Braunfels’ CLEAN rivers – let’s look at what you will need for your river trip!

Bring some drinks!
Since disposable containers are a NO GO, we picked up these little gems here in Gruene at Cotton Eyed Joes –

 You can also order it online –

Tip- bring some water too folks – its sure gets hot and hydration is imperative to a fun river trip! Trust us.
Here are some examples of approved and prohibited containers:

You can find more info like this at
Bring a tube! - you can actually bring two per person!
Bring your SMILE! - this is the most important tubing accessory!
Just follow these easy guidelines and you are sure to have a great float!

Don't miss this awesome contest too!! E-mail your 2012 floating pics with fun captions, of course, to! Best picture wins a Rockin'r Rafting trip for 4, and a Night on the Town in Gruene Historic District!

We hope to see y'all out on the rivers this summer!
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