Friday, June 15, 2012

Grapes ³ - Grapes, cubed. Like ice, get it?

Well even if you didn’t think that was funny – you will think this is a great way to chill out your glass of red or white wine in this Texas heat! 

Now we aren’t trying to sound like wine snobs here, but “the ice cube in the wine glass look” is no longer excusable. Not only do you end up looking like a wine rookie, but you also water down the wine and dilute the taste. This is no good my friends. 

 Most anybody who says they know a thing or two about wine says that red wine should be served at room temperature and white should be served “chilled”– we agree. So we were thinking - what exactly is considered room temperature? 
In Texas we like to keep it COOL inside since it is so HOT outside – maybe 72°F is room temp? Nope. Try between 55°F and 65°F- BURR. “Room temperature” was actually meant to be thought of as “wine cellar temperature”, cellars should be kept cool and dark to create the best environment for storing wine. 

Wine should be stored at 55-65 degrees!
Now that got us thinking – how do we get our wine to stay cool in our glasses during our outdoor cocktail party without ice? GRAPES… FROZEN GRAPES! Genius! Grapes will not change the flavor or color of the wine, they look like décor in your glass, are edible (yum) and are cheap – more mulah to have more wine! 

Here’s how you do it:
First procure some grapes from your local grocery store or farmers market. Grab red, green, purple, champagne (very sweet teeny tiny ones), concord, seedless, or whichever variety your little heart desires. Any grape will do and you don’t need much more than a sink, some Tupperware and a freezer. 
Be sure to wash the grapes well, pluck em’ from the stems, dry em’ off with a paper towel, and pop em’ in the Tupperware and into the freezer they go! If you have the room in your freezer or deep freezer you can also spread them out on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet – this prevents some sticking together. This can be done just a couple of hours before your shin-dig, as they don’t take long to freeze up!

 Grapes look great floating freely!
Let your frozen grapes dangle in the wine!
You can also freeze them in small bunches on the stem and hang them on the rim of your libation of choice! Or let them float freely! 

Mason Jars are PERFECT for displaying skewers!
 Get creative with how you serve them too! Set them out in a fancy or fun ice bucket or in Mason jars on ice!

Skewers of frozen grapes make fun wine accessories!
Vintage Champagne Glasses are great bowls!
 Use low champagne glasses as little bowls, pop them onto a skewer and let guests stir them around in their glass! Let your imagination wander! You can have so much fun with this idea! And one of the best parts - they are a super healthy snack too!

So raise your grape filled glass – CHEERS! To a summer full of cool wine and good times! Enjoy!

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