Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Disney Artist Designs Gruene Hall Poster for Loretta Lynn!

"My name is Paul Briggs and I'm a big fan of Gruene Hall"....  We get a lot of emails that start out this way, but what we read next was very unexpected and frankly, pretty exciting.

You see, Paul Briggs, a San Antonio native and proud Texan, has been working with Disney Animation for the past 20 years. He's worked on Disney films Moana (2016), Big Hero 6 (2014), Frozen (2013), Tangled (2010) and many more.

Upon a recent visit, Paul stopped in Gruene Hall to see Pat Green. As fate would have it, the next day in SA, Paul happened upon some Gruene Hall posters at a local eatery. Paul wrote, "..and it occurred to me that I would love to do something for Gruene Hall. ..If you would be interested..."

Um, YEAH we're interested!!

Paul responded and said that he would "really love to start with the Loretta Lynn show coming up in March."  The next thing we knew, we received the most beautiful poster art. We passed it by Loretta's management who gave quick approval and we went to print.

220 posters arrived the afternoon of her first show and they looked AMAZING!

Paul flew to Texas to see the show and was surprised to be able to meet the "Honky Tonk Girl" in person. Miss Loretta Lynn herself noted that "Of all the posters done for me, this one's my favorite."

Turns out they have even decided to hang the poster in her museum!

As expected, the posters sold out about as quickly as the doors opened, but we look forward to seeing future Gruene Hall posters designed by this very talented Disney artist / proud Texan.

...Come to think of it, we should probably send that San Antonio restaurant a thank you note!