Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hye Quality Texas Wine

Edelzwicker from Hye Meadow - The Grapevine, Gruene Texas
Wine Spotlight from New Braunfels Monthly
August 2018
By: Connor Brown

Wine in Texas lives and comes from many places in our great state, though many of us are most familiar with those wineries in and around Fredericksburg. Sure, we have the giants like Llano in Lubbock and Messina Hof in College Station, but an up-and-coming area for wine is none other than Hye, Texas. Where is Hye and what’s so special about this area? Well, there’s much more to Hye than just a cool name (and copious amounts of puns). In a previous spotlight, we dove into a little of what Hye had to offer with the William Chris Skeleton Key and Mourvedre. However, just down the road, Hye Meadow makes some equally delicious juice that’s all Texas, using carefully selected varietals and made with nothing but love. I promise this wine won’t sit in your fridge until your next family gathering. 

With such a vast selection, it’s hard to pick out a favorite. However, in my most semi-professional opinion, the Tempranillo, Trebbiano, and Edelzwicker stand out as exceptional Hye Meadow wines. The Tempranillo takes my top pick for a dry red. It has an excellent robust body with bursting fruit notes throughout and, characteristically for a temp, a tobacco, spice, and oaky finish, without the illusion of drinking tree bark. This varietal is traditionally from Spain but has gained popularity in Texas as it grows so well in our soil and climate. This particular wine has the right balance versus other Texas Tempranillos. Enjoy this with a plethora of hearty meals, but definitely give its complexity a chance to shine alone during a cool evening.

For a lighter, whiter option, the Trebbiano steals the show even over their Rosato (Rosé in Italy) and usually I’m pretty partial to rosé. Now that doesn’t mean their mastermind blend of Dolcetto, Aglianico, Montepulciano, Negro Amaro, and Sangiovese isn’t amazing, it just means I was blown away by their 100% Trebbiano. It’s different from other Texas Trebbiano as it has more depth and complexity as it’s made with a single varietal. This wine isn’t too light or too much of anything. It has a wonderful body and mouthfeel, but the bursting fruit flavor captivates the drinker and eventually cascades into a delicate lasting finish that’s so smooth and balanced -- no jumpy tannins and nothing is left to be desired. This is an all day, everyday wine. If only there was a place in New Braunfels that had it… *ahem*

And last but certainly not least, a sweeter option for all our sweethearts out there, the Edelzwicker. A refreshing take on a traditional German grape blend of Reisling, Roussanne, and Malvasia Bianca graces the palate with a subtle sweetness that carries the wine from start to finish. With a slightly higher residual sugar content, it doesn’t disrespect the drinker with brazen sweetness but instead adds to the overall experience of the blend. First, we’re greeted by the roussane and its lovely texture and weight, but then we’re whisked away by the Riesling and its lovely fruity and crisp finish. Definitely, a must to try with dessert or even a spicy dish to compliment the heat and draw out more subtle flavors. Heck, have a glass or two on the porch or by the pool and let it be your companion to cope with this summer’s heat!

So go ahead and try something from Hye. Taste why you’ll be seeing more from this lovely winery and why their wines rank so Hye on my list of good Texas wines! Keep tasting, Texas!