Friday, July 31, 2020

Berries, Spice and Everything Nice

By Connor Brown at The Grapevine

      August is a very important month for many of us New Braunfelsers. A month of cramming in those final trips of the summer, getting the kiddos ready for another great year at school, and most importantly, drinkin’ wine and chillin’! However, some of us have seen our vacations morph into staycations and are turning living rooms into classrooms as we continue adjusting to this new normal. What hasn’t changed? Top Texas wineries bringing some of their finest juice to a little oasis just up the road in Gruene! No sweaty palm, high speed, two-way country road with Formula 1 turns driving necessary!

      Up north in Cedar Park, a small team transforms Texas grapes into gold. Utilizing Texas Tech education and Texas grown experience, Bent Oak Winery is a rising force producing excellent and authentic Texas wine. By paying close attention to terroir and climate, winemaker John Catalano understands the harmony when composing with Texas fruit and soil.

      The Bent Oak Cabernet Sauvignon, born and raised in our state, is hard to come by in a retail store due to a flavor profile in stark contrast to what wine drinkers are used to in cabernet. After all, the highest rated cabs come from France or California. While cab is grown extensively in Texas and used abundantly in blending across the state and country, it’s not common in my experience to drink a truly exceptional Texas Cabernet Sauvignon. And just when I thought 2020 couldn’t get weirder...

      Upon opening the bottle, dark red on the underside of the cork whispers of depth as faint notes of aged amaretto waft into a full bouquet of black cherry and spice on the nose. As the palette prepares for its first sip, white pepper and oak eagerly accompany subtle notes of vanilla and blackberry. The wine is properly aged so tannins make a memorable appearance without overstaying their welcome. Finishing flavors of smokey cranberry cascade across the palette, leaving it eagerly waiting for more. Mr. Catalano makes a wonderful display of winemaking prowess to deliver a familiar cab drinking experience, all while adhering to and exemplifying qualities that make Texas wine unique. This bottle makes a perfect companion for anyone trying to beef up some brisket, or to simply enjoy a cool evening under the Lone Star.

      Of all the things that we could be doing right now, it would certainly be worse if we didn’t have wine. An outlet of sorts, enjoying Texas-made wine is also a way to be closer to the community and support one of the oldest industries in the state, all while helping forget about cancelled travel plans and tomorrow's lesson plan for the little ones. But for those serious about Texas wine, this cab is a must try and a great example of what is going on at Bent Oak Winery.

      Come on in and start with the cab, it won't be long before their Tempranillo, Rose, or Cuvee start sounding just as delicious. Stay safe, and stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Gruene Hall BINGO

Can you get a BINGO on our Gruene Hall card? If not, consider it a To-Do List!

Gruene Hall Bingo
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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Bottled Summer: Citrus Flavors and Sunshine

By Connor Brown at The Grapevine

      If anybody knows about quenching thirst deep in the heat of the summer, it is the wineries deep in the heart of Texas! Located in Lubbock, Llano Estacado is one of the largest and best-selling wineries in the state—and their sauvignon blanc or rosé are the perfect summer wine selections.

      Sauvignon blanc is one of the most popular grape varietals, known to any wine-lover. Originally from the Bordeaux region in France, sauvignon blanc is a popular grape at vineyards all over the world for its versatility and variety in flavor. With so many different climates and conditions in the world, the flavor of this common grape is distinctly different depending on the region.

      This grape can be grown in every corner of the world, but Texans do it particularly well. This varietal demands sunshine, but cannot thrive in high temperatures. Finding the perfect compromise, Llano Estacado grows their fruit in the sweet spot of the high planes so it gets plenty of sunshine without getting battered by the extreme Texas heat.

      Llano Sauvignon Blanc is a dry white wine, boasting aromas of guava and lemon peel. Beginning with beautiful tropical fruit on the nose, a ripe lemon citrus flavor carries a balanced acidity into a pleasantly full-bodied mouthfeel. This wine carries a complexity found in other full-bodied white varietals while maintaining its light and zesty delicacy. This unique balance is what makes it a special, distinct American sauvignon blanc. Easy to drink on a hot summer day, keep a bottle chilled to enjoy in your favorite shady spot.

      With growing popularity, rosé has become a new go-to summer wine as more and more people discover its delicately refreshing qualities at the mid-point between white and red.

      While there are many ways to achieve a rosé, one of the most common methods is called skin contact. This method basically allows red wine grapes to ferment with the skins for a limited time before the juice is drained and separated, leaving a wonderful pink juice to continue to mature into a delectable rosé wine.

      The Llano Rosé is born using this method. After a maximum of 10 hours skin contact to extract flavor and color, the skins are gently pressed and the juice racked into stainless steel tanks where they ferment with a special yeast blend to preserve the delicate aromatics and build citrus flavor. The perfect classic rosé should be aromatic, food friendly and enjoyable on its own. Llano Rosé is all three, to a tee.